Lait Onctueux Capital- Sensitive Cleansing Milk

Lait Onctueux Capital- Sensitive Cleansing Milk


Gentle cleanser and make-up remover

Who is it for?

All skins

First essential beauty gesture for your skin, cleanses gently and removes make-up without any drying effect.
First anti-aging action to strengthen your skin's ecosystem.
Its original texture without soap brings a fresh feeling. Your skin is refreshed, moisturized and rejuvenated

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  • Pure orange blossom water: to soothe and purify
  • Jojoba and sweet almond oils: to repair and smoothen
  • Neroli essential oil: to regenerate muscular tissues
  • Calendula, horsetail and arnica: to reinforce skin natural shield

-Each evening Sensitive Cleansing Milk should be used twice. Why?

Once to remove make-up and urban pollutants and twice to cleanse thoroughly the skin.

-How to use it?

Take a bit of the milk and apply in rotating movements and rinse with water. Renew and rinse. Blot your face dry and use Perfecting Lotion with a cotton pad.

-Tip to oxygenate and brighten your complexion:

Once or twice a week, apply and let stand on your face for 3 to 5 minutes, thus Sensitive Cleansing Milk will act as a purifying gentle mask.