Precieux Cerat

Precieux Cerat


A precious blend of flower oils for all of life's moments. A protective shield.

Who is it for?

All skins

Result :

Shields and protects, a must for your skin
Intense nourishment and hydration
Turns your skin silky soft
Your complexion is refreshed, radiant and glowing

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  • Apricot kernel oil and passion fruit kernel oil: rich in fatty acids to repair even the most sensitive skin and boost skin elasticity
  • Oils of mimosa, Damascus Rose, Centifolia Rose and Narcissus: to optimize skin moisture by preventing evaporation, even under extreme conditions
  • Vitamines A and E: Anti-oxydants

Silky touch multifunctional care, it is ideal for the whole family, people who travel allot especially by air (plane creates an intense dehydration) and skin prone to external aggressions (sun, win, cold).

This wax-oil also enhances the natural protection of the skin (its ecosystem) and gives it strength, flexibility and elasticity. It builds up the "mantle" of the skin against external aggressions and signs of time.

Carefully massage into your skin, using small, circular movements. The essential plant oils will gently penetrate your skin, leaving no oily residue.
Can be used as a mask, as well as on your entire body, including hair and hands.
I especially recommend my Blossom Cerate for travel, during and after flying, or under extreme conditions.

To plump and prepare skin before applying your make-up, massage the Blossom Cerate into your skin for about 2 minutes. If necessary, remove any excess before applying your day cream.