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Observ 520 Skin Consultation

New Client Observ 520 Skin Consultation

Cost: $50

Duration: 30-45 minutes

The introduction of the Observ 520 is a game changer. With the help of advanced camera technology, we can see deeper into your skin, enabling greater understanding of its inner functions. This powerful diagnostic knowledge allows us and our clients to understand their skin better, enabling us to create treatment plans that will help get down to the root of their skin conditions.


  • The information gained from your photographs will enable your therapist to create customized and informed treatment plan for you. Your treatment plan will be specially tailored for your specific skin concerns and conditions, so that we can help you achieve the skin you’ve always desired.

  • You can track your progress with your therapist by comparing before and after photos. We will e-mail you your pictures so that you can have visual reminders of your skin care journey.

  • By giving you a glimpse into the future, we can get you started on the right products and treatments for preventative purposes.

  • The Observe 520 skin analysis is 100% safe and painless! You will come out better educated on the inner workings of your skin, and with the tools to help your today.

New Client Observ 520 Skin Consultation & Treatment

Cost: $250 ; with Sandra $300

Duration: 105 minutes

Don’t know what treatment is right for you? We have created this personalized treatment for your own skincare needs, First, you will receive a full skin analysis with our Observ 520 machine. Based on your analysis, your skin specialist will discuss which treatments and products will be most beneficial to you.